Interesting article by Keith Prance which takes an in-depth look at the link between bullying and substance abuse.

Keith decided to write this article because many people abuse alcohol and drugs partly because they have been or are being bullied.

The title of this article is “The Complete Guide to Bullying and Substance Abuse” and it covers:

  • What Drives Young People to Drink?
  • Talking About Bullying & Substance Misuse
  • How Do You Know Your Child is Being Bullied?
  • How Does Alcoholism Fit into All of This?
  • How Do You Know if Your Child is Drinking?
  • What Should You Do If This Is The Case?
  • Help! My Child Drinks Alcohol and Is Bullied
  • Health Problems and Alcohol
  • Should You Move Away?
  • The Future of Child Substance Abuse

The full article can be read here.