Providing schools with the latest research evidence to champion positive mental health for all

About Us

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Ltd is a company committed to enabling school communities to be knowledgeable about mental health, confident in safely managing a mental health crisis, and experts in growing mental health resilience. We aim to do this by providing evidence-based, government recommended mental health training, delivered by experienced mental health consultants.

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Consultation clinics for safeguarding leads, pastoral heads or mental health leads, to give advice and guidance around mental health concerns

Our Approach

Through our staff, student, and parent/carer/guardian training courses, we aim to help you develop flourishing communities with strong minds and big hearts.

The training is tiered as follows:

A health promotion

Embed an organisational culture of positive mental health, and actively promote the behaviours which have been scientifically proven to improve behaviour and emotional regulation, increase performance and emotional intelligence, reduce unhelpful health behaviours and encourage creative and adventurous learning.

A health education

Grow a school community that is knowledgeable about mental health, where difficulties are identified early, appropriate support is accessed and the staff member or pupil experiences minimal disruption to functioning and learning.

An early health intervention message

Respond safely to mental health emergencies, delivering care within the school environment which meets the UK government and UK clinical guidelines.

Our approach lays an excellent foundation for the new OFSTED framework.

“The new framework recognises that it is important to continue to support individual students with specific mental health needs but there is also a need to create a culture that fosters emotional wellbeing and resiliency within the school.” Dr Tara Porter, TES (May,2019).

Our courses

Our training courses range from 50-minute sessions to 7-15 hours delivered over 2-4 mornings. All courses are at present delivered online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Our courses are tailored to three specific audiences:

Staff Training Icon

Staff Training

Grow a environment that is knowledgeable about mental health

Student Training Icon

Student Training

Enable young persons to champion wellbeing for themselves and their peers

Parents, Carers and Guardian Training Icon

Parent, Carer & Guardian Training

Be confident to support your child

We have provided training at the following:

“Promoting physical and mental health simultaneously can form a virtuous circle that reinforces overall health, wellbeing and achievement for children.”

Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report: Our Children Deserve Better: Prevention Pays, Chapter 7 p.3, 2012

Why Invest

Research has shown that investing in mental health saves money for business and educational organisations and can:

Good mental health is crucial to learning and optimal performance. We are most creative and adventurous when we feel safe and happy. Investing in pupil mental health has been shown to:

Investing in pupil and staff mental health has been shown to trigger positive virtuous spirals, growing powerful school cultures of inclusiveness, acceptance, kindness, gratitude, courage and wisdom where everyone has the potential to thrive and be the best they can.

Ofsted will be using inspections to assess the performance of schools in relation to emotional wellbeing and mental health promotion, prevention and treatment.

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