‘How to talk to students at risk of suicide’ webinar

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Are you worried about the risk of suicide for some of your students? Exam stress can often be the final straw for vulnerable students with exam time being a peak in adolescent hospital admissions from suicide attempts or self-injury.

This YouTube video is excellent – it covers most of the areas a child and adolescent mental health practitioner would consider. Many young people who commit suicide are not in contact with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Session 14 – Talking to students at risk of suicide

In training that I have delivered, I am finding that most people are aware that asking about suicide risk does not increase the likelihood. But what many people want to know is, how can they spot increased risk and what to say to the young person. If you are worried about a young person – say so. “I am really worried about you, are you OK?” Then listen and use the language they use to clarify your concerns.

We all need to be prepared to ask about suicide risk and know what support to sign post a young person to, if we are going to reduce the occurrence of teen suicide.

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