New NHS CAMHS website with useful advice on youth mental health

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The new Sussex CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) website is divided into three sections :

  1. for children and young people;
  2. for parents, and carers, and;
  3. for professionals.

It gives advice about mental health and how to find support if you need it (some of the advice is Sussex CAMHS specific but the majority of the advice is generic to most of the CAMHS services in England).

Each section provides information on mental health difficulties young people may face, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders and psychosis.

For teachers – we know when working with children and young people it can sometimes be hard to know what difficulties they might be having in their life, or if they’re struggling with their mental health or emotional wellbeing. To help, the site has put together a list of some of challenges they might be experiencing and some tips for how to monitor and manage these.

The link to the website is here. P

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