‘Wise-Up’ ask Ofsted to prioritise wellbeing in schools

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Young Minds, the youth mental health charity, started a campaign called ‘Wise-Up’ asking Ofsted to make wellbeing and mental health a priority in schools, in their new 2019 Framework document.

They wrote a letter to Ofsted’s Chief Inspector.

Here is the letter:

Dear Amanda Spielman (Ofsted Chief Inspector),

There is a mental health crisis in our classrooms, with mounting evidence suggesting mental health problems in children and young people are on the rise.

As I’m sure you agree, schools have a crucial role to play in promoting positive mental health. Many schools are already doing excellent work in this area, which can have real benefits for students’ wider education. But this is not well enough reflected in the current inspection framework or in inspection reports.

This means that, when school leadership teams have to make difficult decisions about how to spend their limited budgets, it can be hard for them to make wellbeing initiatives a priority.

We very much welcome your recent announcement that the new inspection framework will no longer focus on exam results and grades. But we urge you to build on this by ensuring that wellbeing is at its heart.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome is, when the new updated inspections are made public later on this year.

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