Help to melt stress away – by noticing and gratitude

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Einstein said: “You can either treat your life as if nothing is a miracle, or treat your life as if everything is a miracle”. Noticing and gratitude are two sides of the same coin that can help melt stress away.

Noticing – this could be anything that catches your attention – you could try just noticing sounds on the way to the office.  No need to go searching or listening for particular sounds. Instead, as best you can, simply remain open, so that you are receptive to awareness of sounds from all directions as they arise – sounds near, sounds far, sounds in front, behind, to the side, above or below. In this way, you are opening to the whole space of sound around you – the ‘soundscape’. 

Gratitude – once you are noticing more, it is a small step to being grateful! It is good to note that gratitude is not just about being thankful for the good things in your life. It is about being thankful for everything in your life. Some gratitude meditation practices also include keeping a gratitude journal. Don’t feel you have to do it every day, because this can get a bit like homework. Any meditation practice is done best through a lens of kindness and acceptance. Company ‘shout-out’ boards illustrate this perfectly, but feel free to compliment or thank a friend or colleague too.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Ltd offer the course: De-stress and Refresh.
A wonderful day for staff to consider the latest neurological research into what makes us happy and keeps us calm. Lots of practical exercises in mindfulness and meditation.

Contact us for more details.

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