‘All pupils to be taught about mental health’, says Hinds

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Universal health education will ‘help children learn how to look after themselves, physically and mentally and recognise when classmates may be struggling. Secondary pupils will be taught how to spot the signs of common mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, in themselves and others’, the Education Secretary has said.

Unveiling the new guidance, Mr Hinds said: “Growing up and adolescence are hard enough, but the internet and social media add new pressures that just weren’t there even one generation ago. “So many things about the way people interact have changed, and this new world, seamless between online and offline, can be difficult to navigate.

Jonathan Baggaley, chief executive of the PHSE Association, commented: “We strongly welcome this government commitment to compulsory education on physical health, mental health, sex education and relationships.

“Parents, teachers and young people have been crying out for more focus on PSHE education, so will be delighted that this core content will be guaranteed on the school curriculum.”

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