Wellington College’s approach to student wellbeing

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According to their website, Wellington College can truly lay claim to pioneering the teaching of wellbeing in mainstream education, being the first school in the UK to introduce a course in happiness and wellbeing in 2006.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence on the causal factors around happiness and wellbeing, which can be applied in work with individuals and institutions. Having a better understanding of how to increase the likelihood of happiness with life, and how to channel the emotional pains of set-backs en route, are the sort of skills that can substantially improve an individual’s progress.

In their first four years at the school, the students receive the equivalent of one hour per fortnight of wellbeing lessons which also cover all PSHE requirements. Each lesson presents a skill that pupils can employ to enhance their wellbeing from advice on getting to sleep to more complex cognitive methods for dealing with adversity. Everything taught is based on reliable research conducted by some of the most eminent academics in the field.

Beyond the classroom, mindfulness is practised and encouraged regularly on a House and year group level, and many of the key pastoral staff are trained mindfulness practitioners. Regular lectures on a variety of topics are also regularly delivered by inspiring speakers to help the pupils reflect on the potential for making the most of their lives.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Ltd offers PSHE courses and packages on mental health awareness and wellbeing strategies including the Public Health England recommended course – Living Life to the Full (LLTTF).

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