Disney film – Inside Out – which helps explain what causes anxiety and depression.

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Here are some of the reviews of this excellent 6-min film clip:

So true! Some days I feel like I could write the book on anxiety and depression. I totally understand this movie because depression and anxiety are major parts of my life right now.

I cannot tell you how much I needed to see this. I have struggled with depression LONG before my diagnosed and has had a lot of impact since starting college. It was only after college that I got the diagnose. I loved this movie for its great story and plot. I never understood the lesson,….now I can understand with great clarity.

I cried the WHOLE WAY THROUGH THIS, man. Thanks.

When I watched this movie years back I didn’t understand it. I thought about the more fantasy part. Although when I watched it again recently I cried because I understood and felt the same things.

I never looked at the movie that way. Thank you for making this video.

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