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Anxiety is the feeling you get when you’re worried or scared about something. Some anxiety can be helpful as it can keep you safe from danger. But sometimes anxiety can make you feel like things are worse than they actually are and can feel overwhelming.

If you’re feeling anxious, you might:

  • feel your heart beating really fast
  • get scared, worried or tense
  • get fidgety, or shake after something’s happened
  • feel sick or get a funny feeling in your stomach
  • struggle to think about other things
  • have a panic attack

Anxiety feels different for everyone, so you could also feel something completely different. It’s also normal to have times when you feel more and less anxious.

Almost everyone gets anxious sometimes, but if your anxiety is stopping you from being able to live your life or do things you normally enjoy then it’s important to get support.

This great resource if from Childline and can be found here

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